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    Unhappy 11 Year Old Grandson Slapped by a Stranger

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: MI....My 11 yr old grandson and another child were sent to principals office dut to a fight..The other childs mom yelled @ my grandson in front of principal/teacher..When she left, my grandson had to go to the bathroom & ran into this mom..She continued to yell at my grandson and slapped him across the face..There was also another child who witness this whom she pushed, causing this child to fall against a chair..My son filed assault charges & the prosecutor and defense attny agreed to just have this lady go to anger mgmt classes...I am APPALLED that nothing more was done...IS THERE SOME OTHER CHARGES THAT CAN BE FILED AGAINST THIS WOMAN?? IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE THE DECISION REVERSED?? CAN SOMETHING BE DONE ABOUT THIS PROSECUTING ATTNY WHO DID NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUS??? I thank you for your time..

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    Default Re: 11 Year Old Grandson Slapped by a Stranger

    It isn't that they didn't take the incident seriously, I promise. They took it very seriously.

    The system is overloaded, and there was little to be gained from dragging everyone through the time and expense of court. She's now got a record, and she'll have to pay for those classes herself.

    What, exactly, do you think should have been done?

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