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    Default Petty Theft Expungement in Illinois

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Illinois

    My friend has a couple of convictions (illinois) for petty retail theft- all more than five years ago. He got to the USA from Sowjet union and i did those stupid things. He now needs to expunge those records in order to not face deportation. Can anyone please help? He is such a great guy, clean record since then, been working, has a steady girlfriend, great family and a good circle of friends. I can't believe that a petty retail theft will haunt him down for the rest of his life. He wants to apply for citizenship and needs a clean record. How can he get the record expunged for immigration purposes (naturalization) or would a sealing be enough ?(which seems much easier). This case i guess boarders criminal and immigration law.

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    Default Re: Petty Theft Expungement in Illinois

    Just for information sealing/expunging a record will not block it from being seen for his citizenship. However if they are "petty" theft they probably will not hurt his request for citizenship. However illinois usually uses 2 classes of theft theft under $300 which is a class a mis. and theft over $300 which is a felony. I have also included a site where you can find most of your expunge/seal questions Here

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    Default Re: Petty Theft Expungement in Illinois

    well there are all misdemeanors.
    But he already tried to replace a greencard and was denied twice with no reason.. so his lawyer here in CA said to be careful, he might get deported and that he has to expunge the records. (yes, expungment is like it never happens)

    thank you for the link.
    what would you suggest to do? are you a lawyer?
    can you recommend a good criminal lawyer in Illinois?

    if it doesn't hurt the citizenship, why cna't he then even get his greencard replaced? His application always gets sent back with no comments and there is no reason other than those records.

    also, if it's more than 5 yrs ago, why is it such a big deal- here in CA it seems so much easier to do it and sorry, but Illinois seems like the "crookedest" of all states and they can't even "forgive" a retail theft?? Of someone just coming to the US as an Immigrant- young, not knowing the language... statistics show that those kids are prounded to retail theft.. i find it so unfair that this is haunting my friend down.

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