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    Default Shoplifting and a background polygraph test

    Approximately 8 months ago I submitted to a polygraph examination as an applicant for a government job. During the course of the exam (not wanting to lie), I admitted to having taken some small items totaling approx. $20-$40 from my high school retail job under pressure from friends/coworkers. Since then, I have been worried that this agency could possibly report my admission to local police and that I could be prosecuted.
    1. I would have been a minor at time of crime; am 23 now. This would have been 5-7 years ago.
    2. Former employer never brought anything to my attention, we parted on good terms.
    3. No store cameras or LP. This was a small store in a "strip mall."
    4. Crime in California. I now live in another state.
    5. During exam, I admitted to the theft, but no details, eg exactly what was taken, or any dates/times (couldn't remember anyway).

    1. Could I actually be prosecuted for this? How?
    2. Will I know if the local police in CA become involved and issue a warrant or something?

    This was a long time ago and has bothered me ever since (obviously, if I felt guilty enough to admit it years later)...I now work for another gov't agency and volunteer in my community. Can this come back to haunt me?

    Thanks for replies.

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    While I can't promise a 0% chance, it isn't realistic that you would be prosecuted for those offenses, given the circumstances and passage of time.

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    IF that were the case, I know of a store owner that might want me for a few cokes and candy bars back in 1961. You'll most likely get the job, you were honest and came clean.

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    I'd really like to know what kind of gov. job makes you take a polygraph examination before they hire you.

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