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    Default Should i tell them my real address

    Dear all,

    I really need your advice on this:

    I am from London. I was caught shoplifting in a pharmacy 5 weeks ago, took some cosmetics, costed £26(about $50). I was questioned by the security officer and the manager of the store, signed a letter which bans me from entering the store again. When they ask me my name and address, I gave them my real name, because they could see it on my credit card, but I gave them a fake address, becuase I was really scared that they would turn up in my house and family would find out what happened. Fortunately they didn't call the police.

    Now after I read all the post about the civil demand, I find myself in a very difficult situation. By giving them the wrong address and missing the civil demand letter could mean that I lose the opportunity to settle this matter out of court.

    Could anybody tell me what should I do now? Actually I've just been to the fake address I gave to the security office (it actually existed) and ask the landlady if she'd received any of my post. she said no. Then I asked her if she could let me know if in the future she receive any post addressed to me. She agreed to do so.(Of course i made up an excuse as to why my post could end up in her house, and she believed me, hopefully...)

    Could anybody tell me if I should rely on this landlady or should I call the store up to give them my real address? If I don't pay for the civil demand, what would happen?

    I really appreciate your advice.

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    Default Civil Demand

    If it were me, I would inform them of my actual address, as in "Please sent all future correspondence to [real address]".

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    Default I gave them my real address

    Dear Kowitall,

    Thank you very much for your advice. I've just spoken to the store manager on the phone and given him my real address. He said he will pass it on to the Loss prevention company who deals with it.

    When I asked him how long it will take for the civil demand letter to arrive, he said it depends on the Loss prevention company's judgement whether or not they want to pursue it.

    I wish I could get the letter as soon as possible so I can put an end to this ordeal.

    Thanks again.

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