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    Default Dismissed misdemeanor and getting a job with the Police Dept

    Two years ago I got a ticket for possesion of alcohol by a minor, in Kentucky. During court I pled expungement. I completed the community service and the alcohol class. I moved to Florida for a few months and I never went back to get the misdemeanor expunged. I saw a copy of my records and it said the case was dismissed. I have spoken to a few people and they have told me that I don't need to tell any employers about this charge because it was dismissed. I have recently applied for the Cincinnati Police Dept.

    Will this charge disqualify me for a job with the deparment?

    Also, should I tell them about the charge even if it doesn't disqualify me?

    I probably should go and get the charges expunged, but I haven't because I feel that a dismissal does about the same thing.

    Would it benefit me to get the charge, the rest of the way expunged?

    From what I understand I only need to make a court date to complete the expungment process.

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    Personally, I would:

    * Complete the expungement; and

    * Tell the truth about the incident as necessary in truthfully answering interview questions or completing the job application. It sounds like it's not even a conviction, so it may not even come up.

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