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    So I have been doing everything that is stated in my bond, 3 drug tests a week and such. I had a warrant out for my arrest because the prosectuors re did one of my two charges. I went to jail on friday night and stayed till saturday and got out at about 12:00p.m. on saturday. I was suppost to drug test saturday monrning and the facility isnt open on saturday night. So I just got a letter in the mail stating my pre-exam conf., which hasn't changed but now I have a bond revocation hearing. I have no clue why but I suspect its because the drug testing facility said I skipped out on a test. I have documents of when I was in jail so I will bring them and hopefully that is the only issue here. Just seeing if that sounds like it would be the cause? Also once your bond is revoked arent you legally eligible for a new bond? Im working with DEA on a case and they are suppost to drop my charges so if I dont get back out on bond if by chance I do go back to jail then the investigation for dea is basically out the window.

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    Your bond revocation hearing would be to determine if you violated your bond. Take along your evidence that you did not and, if you have one, get in touch with your lawyer.

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