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    Default Removing Father from Birth Certificate and Correcting Last Name

    My question involves paternity law for the State of: Georgia

    My daughter was living with a guy at the time of birth, not married. He signed a PA in the hospital, she filed a rescinsion within 60 days of birth after having a DNA test (paid extra for one to use in court) that determined that he was not a possible candidate as a father. There is a permanent protective order in affect due to his harrassing and violent behavior. He has never contributed financially or emotionally. My daughter and granddaughter do not currently reside in Georgia. The biological father is unknown. It was a one-night stand with some guy that she doesn't even know his last name and wouldn't know how to find him. She wants to remove the fathers name and replace it with "unknown" and change the last name to her maiden name (still not married). Can this be done? How do we go about this? Do we need to petition the court and how?

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    Default Re: Removing Father from Birth Certificate and Correcting Last Name

    Contact the Vital Records Office to inquire about amending the birth certificate based upon rescission of the acknowledgment of paternity and/or a judicial finding of nonpaternity.

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