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    Default Child is Dying

    I was wondering what I need to do in my situation. My child is 24 and dying from lung cancer. The doctor had a conversation with me and asked my feelings on a ventilator and so forth. I expressed my feelings and doctor indicated that they would talk to my child. Well, child just begins to cry and does not voice feelings on topic. As a parent, do I have the right to make that decision? Also, since child is on I need to do a will or anything else? Child does not own anything but stock; doesn't even own a car. State is Pa.

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    I'm sorry about your situation.

    If your child is mentally competent, your child gets to make his or her own medical decisions. If you wish to make medical decisions, you either need to get your child to grant you medical power of attorney (a healthcare proxy) or get a court to grant you that power (based upon your child's inability to make and/or communicate informed medical decisions). But what your child really needs is a living will.

    You can't make a will for your child. Depending upon how the stock is held, if there's a beneficiary for the account there's no need for an estate to pass the stock to the designated beneficiary. If there's no beneficiary, your next step would depend upon the value of the stock.

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