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    Default Had to Pay Even Though I Showed Up Before Car Was Towed

    My question involves towing laws for the State of: Michigan

    I was parked in my lot an hour later than I should have been, and I showed up to find a towing truck pull up to my car. They hadn't even begun to hook it up and I told them that I could just move it. They refused and said that if I didn't produce $140 in cash within 10 minutes, they would tow my car. When I told them that the amount was completely unreasonable the man became enraged and started hooking up my car and pulling it up. I went and got the money, and the manager got the price reduced slightly, but it was still over $100. I feel like I'm getting ripped off, and I want to know if I have any legal recourse.

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    Default Re: Had to Pay Even Though I Showed Up Before Car Was Towed

    was this a private lot? any signage?

    You could have pulled one of these.

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    Default Re: Had to Pay Even Though I Showed Up Before Car Was Towed

    Hmm, you could have simply got into the driver's seat. They are not supposed to hook an occupied vehicle. But that is not even a consideration here. The fee they are talking about is called a "Drop Fee" paid to unhook and release the vehicle. I think what was done was not legal. It seems it was time to pull out the cell phone camera and take a pic of the vehicle and truck showing that your vehicle was not hooked up.

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