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    Default Wrong Amount of Medical Bills Owed Reported


    Im a CA resident. I found out less than a year ago, while going through a divorce, that I owe medical bills that were dated back to 2000-2001. The collection agency claimed it's $180,000, but after calling the Medical Center itself, they told me it's only $25,000 in total, and they sent me copied of all the bills to total $25,000 which are owed.

    What can I do now to get this adjusted on my credit report and take off the $180,000 claimed amount?

    The collection agency provided my divorce lawyer with a signed statement saying it's $180,000, but didn't provide enough supporting documents to prove it.

    How can I get this adjusted and taken care of??? Can I sue the collection agency?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Default Re: Wrong Amount of Medical Bills Owed Reported

    If the bills date back to 2001 and no payment has been made since, they are most likely expired and uncollectable under the statute of limitations.

    If a collection agency lists incorrect information, dispute the information with the credit bureau.

    What date does your credit report list for last activity? What date do they project for this to drop off of your report? A debt with a last activity date in 2001 would normally have dropped off your credit report by now; I'm wondering what they're using as the date of last activity to keep it listed.

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    Default Re: Wrong Amount of Medical Bills Owed Reported

    I have tried to dispute it with the all credit report agencies, but they keep telling me the amount is accurate according to the most recent collection agency handling the debt.

    I guess it stayed active because it kept being sold from collection agency to another. I tried discussing this issue with the person in charge of the account, and he keeps insisting that it's accurace, even though he cannot supply the documents to prove it. I also told him that I spoke to the hospital and they told me it's only $25K, and he refused to accept it from me.

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    Default Re: Wrong Amount of Medical Bills Owed Reported

    I would get the documents from the hospital that show the date of last activity on the account. Dispute the acct with the credit reporting bureaus by mail as "obsolete." Submit the documentation from the hospital with your dispute as evidence.

    Accts can be reported as long as 7.5 years from the date of last activity. However, if you signed a contract or made a promise to pay at some point, that might be construed as the last activity. Simply selling it from one agency to another does not extend the reporting time. They aren't allowed to re-age the acct. If the bureaus drop it, that should be the end of it.

    If a collection agency calls you about it, write them a letter telling them not to contact you by phone. If they write you, send them a debt validation letter. If they bother responding to that, send them a letter saying you have the original records in hand and if they try to report their bogus info to the credit bureaus, they will be in violation of the FCRA. Anything you send to the collection agency, certified mail, return receipt. Keep copies.

    I would say the most important thing would be to get your hands on the documentation from the hospital. That will most likely show the debt is beyond the statute of limitations and beyond credit reporting timeframes.

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    Default Re: Wrong Amount of Medical Bills Owed Reported

    Ooops. I see you already have copies of the original bills. That much easier. Let me try again.

    Like mentioned above simply send copies to the Credit reporting agencies that are reporting the account with a letter disputing the listing as "obsolete."

    That really should do it.

    If it comes back "verified" again, send a certified return receipt letter to the collection agency telling them you contacted the original creditor and have paperwork that shows the debt is beyond the statute of limitations for collection and beyond the timeframe for reporting it to the credit reporting agencies. Tell them if they don't delete it from your report, they will be in violation of the FCRA.

    Trying to do these things by phone is mostly a waste of time.

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