Last Thursday I found out that my bank accounts had been frozen.


In December 2005 I got a letter from Cohen and Slamowitz about a joint account I had with someone back in 1998. I believe we paid it back in 1998 so I track down the person I had the account with and we call Cohen in January to say that we paid it and we will look for the information. Two weeks later after calling our accounts were frozen. We went to court to put in an “Order to Show Cause” and the bank is telling me that they won’t relished my account without the order that the case has been dismiss but the his bank open without a problem.

We couldn’t find the information that we pay so we pulled his credit report that showed that the last payment was made 1999 for $128, but we can’t find the money order. But I was told this instead good enough.

I need my account open for my rent to go thru. Should I just settle the account? But I dont want to paid 1300 for a 300 credit line