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    Default Unpaid Fraternity Dues

    My question involves small claims court in the state of: Illinois
    I joined a fraternity paid and then the next semester I did nothing with the fraternity and I tried to talk to my fraternity about resignation or a payment plan. However, the president of the fraternity did not get back with me and now he sends me a letter saying pay or or collection agency. So what are my options?

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    Default Re: Illinois Unpaid Dues Fraternity

    Your options are pay or go to collections.

    When you joined the fraternity, you signed a contract agreeing to the dues. You're on the hook for them, even though you did not participate in any of the fraternity's activities.

    The fraternity is not obligated to make payment arrangements.

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    Default Re: Illinois Unpaid Dues Fraternity

    I wonder if this is a homework. I have seen this exact same question before merely worded a bit differently. Take note of the:

    "I did nothing with the fraternity".

    In the other thread, the OP argued that the dues were in fact entrance fees to these activities they did not attend. Of course the OP comes back and says "I won" in the end due to that point even after being told they were wrong.

    dnwilliams; my apologies if this is not the situation but many students come here looking for answers. If this does not apply to you, please continue with your situation. You need to supply more info:

    contract (yes/no)

    terms of contract

    did you live in frat housing?

    did you provide a termination of the original contract, per contract requirements if specified?

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