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    Default Police Evasion

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Oregon

    So I was with my girlfriend and we were driving on a road going about 20+ mph over the speed limit. A cop turned on their lights and she panicked and I jokingly was like "go go go!" and she actually did it. We were in pursuit for about 30 seconds to a minute before we got stuck in a court and the police officer came up. She went to court a week later (she was not arrested) and lost her license for 6 months, and has to pay at least $2500 in fines.
    They also said she needs another court date I suppose and she needs a lawyer this time. Is this for criminal charges? I dont know what's going to happen. We both have clean driving records and are 18.

    Please I need to know what the charges are, possible punishments and any ways around them if there are any. I'd desperately like for her not to go to jail.

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    Default Re: Police Evasion

    How can anyone here know her charges? If she was issued a citation or had to appear in court, she should have a copy with something that lists the code sections under which she has been charged. If you find those out and post them here, someone can probably look them up for you if you cannot locate them for yourself.

    - Carl

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