Of course. But, until I can determine what's going on, they are going to be patted down, separated, and otherwise rendered unable to access a firearm until I have sorted the situation out.

On a related note of interest, in CA we can detain individuals to inspect rifles in rifle racks to determine if they are loaded in violation of state law. In reality, if I were to do that here, I'd be run out of town on a rail because I could do it all day long! In San Diego County guns and gun racks were an oddity and worthy of investigation ... here, in God's country, guns and gun racks are present in most every pickup. When we stop many of these folks, they DO get asked to step out of the car and are patted down. Some are detained in our patrol units, others on the curb or elsewhere (depending on the availability of cover officers). If we are inclined, we will search the vehicle for weapons or inspect the rifles. Generally we don't care too much for that unless the occupant(s) were allegedly involved in something stupid or otherwise criminal. It's rare that we do those searches, but common that we detain them outside the car while we conduct our business.

- Carl