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    Default Newspaper Delivery Manager Refuses to Pay

    My question involves independent contractors in the state of: Ca

    Hi all,

    I woke up today, my dad was so mad and told me the newspaper delivery manager refuse to pay him.

    Here is a quick story about what happen.

    My dad he can't speak and write english well, 3 weeks ago, he found a job as newspaper delivery , i saw him started going to work 2:00am every day for a week, then he was sick, and couldn't go to work on the eight day, so he called sick and left the message, on the next few days, he was still very sick, and i told him to quit, after long talk, then he argree to quit.

    Today, he got a phone call from a Newspaper Delivery Manager, saying they will not pay him for 7 days he worked, and mentioned: the contract state that, they willl not pay him because he's not giving 30days notice to quit in advance. i don't know what the contract said, and i don't know if the manager is lying so i asked my dad for contract so i can read, but he told me they didn't give it to him, and also didn't tell him this while he was signing up.

    can any one tell me

    Does Newspaper Delivery manager still have to pay my dad for his 7 days ?

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    Default Re: Newspaper Delivery Manager Refuses to Pay

    You father needs to demand a copy of the contract he signed, and you need to look it over for him and find this clause.

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