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    Exclamation First Offense Shoplifter in Virginia

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Virginia

    I am an 18 year old college student and was caught shoplifting a bathing suit bottom amounting in $14 from Target. My friend was also caught with me and had a bathing suit top amounting in $14 dollars. The police were called and we was arrested. They let us out without bail, but I have to be at my arraignment on Monday. This is our first offence and we are both in very good academic standing. We were extremely cooperative with all the requests made by the store and the police. If we do plea guilty will this misdemeanor always be on our record? (the charge in petit larceny and class 1 misdemeanor)

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    Yes, it will.

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    Not to be negative but VA is harsh. Since VA is a commonwealth state they are way more harsh. $14 is a very small amout so maybe it will be better then what happened to my sister. My sister's sentance was a misdemeanor and she was sentanced to 30 days in jail. My sister is married with 2 small kids and her first offense. They are harsh.

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