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    Default Rental Agreement for Live in Contract Services

    We own a home in State of Ohio and are being relocated 8 hours away and will no longer be able to live in our home. The home currently is in middle of total remodel and is not seller friendly. We have been doing most of the remodeling ourselves. We have person(s) interested in negotiating for free rent for completion of work on home to make it seller ready.
    Home is habitable, person(s) in question has experience in home remodeling/refurbishing for bank owned properties and other rental property repair work so we are not worried about his ability to do the task at hand. we do have concerns on what we need to put in place in rental agreement in lieu of work and materials on the said property as not to take advantage of prospective live in handyman or for him to take us for a ride concerning materials and time spent on home repairs as we will not be close enough to watch over him and his work. I have looked on many sites to try and find rental agreement to cover such topic but have had no luck. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Rental Agreement for Live in Contract Services

    My suggestion would be to hire him as a contractor and charge him rent under a month-to-month lease - two separate contracts. You're unlikely to find a quirky "barter rent for services" contract online, and if you do the odds are it's going to violate state and federal labor and tax laws.

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    Default Re: Rental Agreement for Live in Contract Services

    The best place I have come across online for state specific legal landlord forms is EZLandlordForms.

    I do agree with Mr. Knowitall that you should keep the two contracts separate.

    It is doubtful that you will find a lease agreement with those clauses written into the lease.

    If I were you, I would ask him for an itemized invoice for all of the materials he buys making sure you are only paying for them and not any personal mark-up by the tenant/contractor. In the same vein, I would require a time log so that you know exactly when and what he is working on. Beforehand, you can also set a mutually agreed upon dollar value for his hours (an hourly rate)... OR you could have him bid the entire job out, put it in writing so you know, for example the kitchen remodel which consists of (list specifics) will be completed for $10,000 and the rent is $1000/month so that job entitles him to 10 months of free rent and so forth.

    Whatever you do, keep it all in writing and agreed to and signed before the exchange takes place.

    You might also want to consider a clause that if the job is not completed to the specifications set out in the contract that it will be null and void.

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