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    Default Felony Class 1 and 4 for Ecstasy, Misdemeanor Class a for Paraphernalia

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Illinois

    Ok, heres what happened: I was busted with 10 pills of ecstasy, weed, salvia divinorium, a scale, and paraphernalia. My charges were class A misdemeanor for the paraphernalia described as a black metal pipe used to smoke cannabis, class 4 felony for possession of ecstasy, and class 1 felony for possession of ecstasy with intent to deliver. My bond was set at $25,000 which i believe the judge cares cause he lowered it from the nor

    On the other side of things, i was cooperative with the cops, consented to search of my apt, this is my first time offense, and i admitted to abusing ecstasy (basically i told the cops i had a problem and that i didn't sell ecstasy, that they were for my own personal use).

    Heres what i'm wondering:

    1: The said black metal pipe that is stated to have been used for cannabis, was never used for weed, but for salvia only. If they were to test the pipe they would find that there would be no trace of thc on it. Is it possible that i can get this charge dropped? It clearly states that it was used for marijuana when it wasn't.

    Also, if were to try to fight this charge can they decide to bring up additional charges like possession of weed or possession of salvia or salvia paraphernalia?

    2: Is there a chance that since i'm a student and a first time offender that i could get the class 1 felony charge dropped if i plead guilty to the class 4 felony? Truthfully the cash was not related to the pills, and i was not selling nor was i intending to deliver. The pills were for me, i had bought 10 because it was cheaper than buying 2-3 at a time. I admit i have a problem and i will be honest that theres no way i would have given those pills away for any amount of money. The county i live in offers a drug court that i would be eligible to enter if i were to get the class 1 felony dropped. Does anyone see this happening?

    I'm getting in touch with a lawyer, so i'm sure he'll be able to shed some light on most of my questions, i was just a little impatient at the moment so i figured i'd try to get some quick answers so i will know what i'm going against when i talk to my lawyer.

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    Default Re: Felony Class 1 and 4 for Ecstasy, Misdemeanor Class a for Paraphernalia

    If you have uncharged crimes then yes, obviously, your actions can potentially inspire the prosecutor to bring charges.

    You need to be working with a criminal defense lawyer.

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    Default Re: Felony Class 1 and 4 for Ecstasy, Misdemeanor Class a for Paraphernalia

    why did the other two posts get deleted? you should delete your response as well "mr. know it all" because you obviously don't know what you are talking about. i just spoke with my lawyer and he said you cannot bring more charges just because some were dropped.

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