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    Default Will an MIP Affect College Admission

    This is for Virginia and all colleges are in Virginia.

    Title basically says it. I have a totally clean record, and have been accepted into 3 colleges. I got an underage possession of alcohol charge a couple weeks ago, and was wondering if the colleges would send me a rejection letter? The court date isn't until the 28th, but I havn't decided on were I want to go yet either. Would it be beneficial(sp) to send an a letter to the college I want to go befoe the court date? I believe May 2nd (or 5th, sorry not sure) is the final date to send them the offical acceptance letter.

    Another question is I do know I am going to have to pay for my actions, and I am not trying to get out of them. I realize I may pay fines, probation, community service, ASAP classes, and more than likely my license suspended. I have read I can get a restricted license though. I have a job, and attend school full time. (Well I will be until the end of my senior year, and the beginning of my freshman year in college). Can I get a restricted license with this? It is my first offense, and my record is totally clean.

    The link above says I might be able to get it taken off my record after the completion of the ASAP classes, and the probation period. Do they sometimes do this? I do understand it is Wiki Answers and people can put whatever they want, but is this legit?

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    Default Re: Will an MIP Affect College Admission

    If the colleges send you a rejection letter, it will be based on your application, not based on a charge that would not even show up on a background check yet (should the college run one, and unless you applied to an Ivy League school, they probably didn't).

    The WikiAnswers page is correct. You do have an attorney to help you negotiate for that, right?

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