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    Post Can I Go to Jail Becouse My Friend Hide My Car from Repo Agent

    My question involves an auto loan or repossession in the State of: Texas
    I have a loan for car but I do it for my friend who paying for it. He didn`t pay last 3 payments and repo agent looking for a car. My `friend `moved from Texas in another state and he don`t answer my calls.
    What should I do? Can I go to jail or have some other problems even if I don`t know where is my friend with car is?

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    Default Re: Can I Go to Jail Becouse My Friend Hide My Car from Repo Agent

    You can pay off the loan. It's all in your name, anyway, so what does the lender care about your friend?

    Texas does have a criminal statute about hindering secured creditors when they are trying to repo property, so your inability to produce the car could result in a criminal investigation. (Texas Penal Code, Sec 32.33). If that happens you'll have to try to convince the police that your missing friend exists, was the "real borrower" and has the car.

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    Smile playing with fire

    (good friend BTW)
    you bought the car & are responsible for payments & if your friend commits a crime like drugs , or hit & run , vehicle manslaughter etc...
    you can be accountable & charged, also If your friend wrecks the car you can be sued.

    Also, I seriously doubt your friend keeps insurance & tags etc...

    you better pay for that car

    you need to contact the police & report it stolen & give your friend as suspect.

    you can't have it both ways.

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