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    Default Determining My Status With The USCIS

    My situation is a little complicating, I moved away from my parents home, and are curently living with my fiance,(my parents are against me being with this man). So as a reprucution they decided to not give me any information about my statuss with the INS. I tried to call the INS and all they pretty much said was they cant give me any information about myself unless I have the reciept number, (which my parents wont give me). I need to know what my statuss is, if my parents even applied me, (they said they did but ,Iam not sure), I cant work, go to school, drive. They wont tell me anything. I dont even know if I am even here legally. If anyone knows egyptian parents they know they are very controlling. My fiance and I are planning to get married this June, but I am afraid I might have to go back to my country.
    The only paperwork I have about myself are : social security number, my birth certificate, An I-94 number which is expired, and a high school transcript. even with all this the INS would not give me any information.
    What should I do? When I get married are they going to ask to show how I entered the US? Because i came here legally, but the visa expired , and from then on I dont know anything. Someone please help me!

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    Default Getting a Receipt Number

    You may be able to get the receipt number by filing a FOIA ("Freedom of Information Act") request with the USCIS, although their ability to produce it even then may depend upon how long ago they processed your visa.

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    Default Immigration - marriage - documentation

    Yes, you may be required to show that you have been admitted and inspected, i.e. came here legally with a visa. As long as you can prove that, you should be all right, regardless your current immigration status (assuming you marry a U.S. citizen).

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