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    Default Florida Guardianship of Grandchildren

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: Florida

    My duaghter had my granduagher and from the first moment i have taken care of it 6 months after her birth my duaghter moved 150 miles outa town across county lines leaving her baby with me. i have no assisstance from my duaghter and limited assistance from the father. my only help is from my son and the other grandmother but i do 90% of the care and finachle responsibilites. the child is 2years 5 months now so i have had her just under 2 years. what can i do to get state help with food and child care. and should i persue getting guardianship and what would be the best route to do this. my duagter and her babies father are both unembployed and have less then reputable practices with drinking and recreation. i want either of them to be able to get custidy back with little effort when they are able to support my granduagher. i need help and am not sure what my rights are and what i can do to get the support i need.

    Thank you
    Conserned Grandparent

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    Default Re: Florida Guardianship of Grandchildren

    You should petition to become the child's guardian. See this guide [PDF], particularly the stuff starting around page 60. Once you're her legal guardian it should be easier for you to qualify for whatever public assistance is available in your state and county.

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