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    Unhappy Son Currently on the Run Now

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: South Carolina

    I am hoping you can answer a question I have; my 26 yr. old son is currently on the run with his girlfriend. Two days ago his girlfriend stole a money bag containing $1,842.00 and my son was with her. It is on video....

    At the age of 17 he was arrested for multiple offenses and the South Carolina courts merged them into one plea of 15 years. He served 9 1/2 years and was released six months ago.

    This is extremely painful for me and I wanted to know what he is facing when he is apprehended. I know on the inmate website the prior to his release they had B&E in the 2nd listed, is this Theft or Grand Larceny? What kind of time can I expect he will get for this? I have to mentally prepare myself. Ten years ago it nearly killed me.

    I told the judge ten years ago that I thought he had a serious mental disorder of some kind, perhaps anti-social behavior and he should be evaluated but they never did.

    Any information would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Son Currently on the Run Now

    How was the money bag stolen? by force? was there weapons involved? did they break into a business? We need to know more information in order to give you a possible charge.

    However with his prior record, its not going to be good no matter what...

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    Default Re: Son Currently on the Run Now

    There was no force involved or weapons and they did not break in. It was a bar. The girlfriend worked at the bar as a bartender until last week so she just walked behind the bar, opened the safe and took the money bag during working hours but patrons didn't think anything of it because she worked there. My son was standing there so I know he is an accessory before the fact.

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    Default Repeat Offender in Sc

    My 26yr old son was released from the SC State prison after serving 9 1/2 years on a fifteen year sentence. No parole he maxed out. It has been six months since his release and two days ago he and his girlfriend walked into a bar (while it was open) and she walked behind the counter, opened the safe and took a money bag totaling $1842.00. No one thought anything of it at the time because his girlfriend was a bartender there until recently. There was no force, weapons, etc.

    This is all recorded on video and my son was with her.

    My son had multiple charges previously and they lumped them into one plea agreement but when you would look him up on the inmate website it listed B&E 2nd degree.

    They are currently on the run and I would like to know what to expect once they are apprehended provided they do not do anything else before then.

    Is this Theft or Grand Larceny and what is the difference?

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