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    Default Unlicensed Driver Misdemeanor - Do I Have to Appear in Court

    I have been cited a misdemeanor as an unlicensed driver. I actually have held a British driving license for over 12 years. I am in the US due to my husbands' employment. When we arrived I checked the California Drivers Handbook and did not believe that I was a resident and therefore needed to take the CA driving test.

    I have since obtained a CA driving license.

    I do not want to contest the misdemeanor as I don't believe I stand a chance (even though I don't believe I am resident here). However, I am keen to resolve this without having to go to court. To make things a little more complicated I am actually due to give birth on the date I am scheduled to appear in court. I have not yet received a courtesy notice advising me of the next steps.

    I am aware I can extend the court date once my ticket is logged onto the court system. I am calling regularly to check this.

    My question is this: once my ticket has been logged in the court system will I be able to resolve this issue by taking my CA license to the court clerks and paying a fine... or... will I have to go to court? Also what fine am I likely to receive?

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    Default Re: Unlicensed Driver Misdemeanor - Do I Have to Appear in Court

    The best way to avoid going to court is to hire a lawyer and have your lawyer try to get the ticket dismissed. If you have a sympathetic prosecutor and new license in hand, it's possible.

    If you can't appear in court on that date, contact the court and ask for an adjournment.

    A misdemeanor is a criminal offense.

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