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    Default How to Easily Move from "Intent to Use" to Registered

    I have a trademark approved; my sales cycle is taking longer than 'anticipated. I understand the trademark can be extended upto 3yrs while in the intent to use, but I am tired of filing extensions;

    My Q: Can someone please tell me a quick and a smart way to satisfy this
    "in use" so that I a can move it beyond intent to use and register it properly?

    Can the TM use in a marketing tool be sufficient to show as a proof?


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    Default Re: How to Easily Move from "Intent to Use" to Registered

    In general terms, one of the benefits you get from filing your intent to use is so that you can prepare your marketing campaign while your mark remains protected. In specific terms, whether launching your marketing campaign for the product would be sufficient, given that the product appears to remain theoretical? I don't have the specifics of your case, so for that you need to consult an intellectual property lawyer.

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