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    Default E-mail Privacy at work

    I was recently fired - part of the reason given was that I had written ugly things in emails about my boss. She had them printed out but would not show them to me. Ok, I got over it. I furnished several of my employees with AOL email in order for them to email me and I provided my own email for my boss to email me - the company did not provide an email service. When I was fired I asked that I be allowed to delete the email off of my office private email that came in with the 150 or so emails I received every day from my employer. She said I could. When I arrived at the office to delete the emails, the computer was gone. I asked the supervisor (not the woman who fired me), where the computer was - she said they had to take it to break into it. I told her I had the password and could give it to her. She said she would try to get the computer back so that I could log on. I didn't hear from her again. I did, however, hear from her husband who emailed me that he had broken into the computer I used at work and was in possession of my personal emails. He said he had stored them on a disk and was keeping them in his "safe". Today my ex-boss wrote and said she couldn't believe all the things she read in my email that was on this computer.

    I can't tell you how appalled I am that this has happened and I can't believe this would be a legal invasion of my privacy. The company does not have a written policy on email because they do not provide email, only the computers.

    What are my rights, if any, in this case?

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    Default Email Privacy at Work

    If the employer owned the computer and authorized you to use it at work, don't count on Texas offering you any privacy rights.

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