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    Default Default Judgement Awarded Against Me Levied Joint Bank Account with Husband

    My question involves judgment recovery in the State of: Georgia

    Four years ago I was trying to finish college and got in over my head financially. I got into credit card debt and was unable to pay. I attempted to make payments but couldn't keep up because they kept raising the interest rates. So all the debt went to collection agencies. As of this September it will be past the SOL so one agency rushed through a judgment against me. They won. The original debt was for a little over $6k. On my credit report it said that they filed the judgment for over $8k. Then it said that I owed the collection agency over $14k and yesterday they levied my bank account for close to $16k. Obviously I don't have that kind of money or I would have paid the original debt.

    Now I have a few questions:

    1)The debt was incurred years before I met my husband, it is my debt solely.
    They have levied our joint account. How can I protect him?

    2)He has business accounts that I am not connected to, but are with the same bank, can they levy his acccounts?

    3)I do not work and have no wages to garnish, so what happens next?

    I feel so helpless right now. I just want to do the right thing and I don't know where to turn. We can't afford a lawyer.

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    Default Re: Default Judgement Awarded Against Me Levied Joint Bank Account with Husband

    I am not a lawyer but I am in a similar situation as you. I have a CC debt from 2002 which was actually turned into a judgement and then the judge dismissed the judgement. It was actually set to fall off my credit report in June of this year but according to FL SOL they can collect for up to 20 years! So, just as it was about to fall off, an attorney has paid the courts to reopen the judgement and they were successful at getting a Writ of Garnishment against me. Unfortunately, my husband and I have a joint checking and savings. They have garnished 4k from our account. I, myself, am on unemployment & receive child support from a previous relationship. My husband's direct deposit & our 2008 tax return went into this checking account. They garnished whatever they could! It didn't matter "whos" money it was. I do not believe they can touch your husband's business accounts, your name is no where attached to that. But, again, I am not a lawyer and nor do I reside in the same state as you. All I can say is that mine has gotten to the point where I am going to file for bankruptcy and get all this crap taken care of once and for all. We use my husband's credit for everything anyways.

    Good luck to you! Just wanted you to find comfort in the fact that I am in the same boat as you, up a creek with no paddle and dragging my husband along for the ride

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