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    Default Old Ambulance Bill

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: GA

    I have a collection agency coming after me for an old ambulance bill. The ambulance ride was in November 2001, and i have never recieved a bill from the original creditor,(although they claim to have sent several). I have never had anything on my credit report regarding this bill. The only way i found out was my credit monitoring service alerted me to an inquiry from the collection agency. I am wondering about the 6 year statute of limitations on this, also how to respond to them when they contact me.

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    Since it appears to be outside the statute of limitations, perhaps they won't bother contacting you. If they do there is no reason to speak to the collection agency about it and you can send them a letter telling them not to contact you about this. Here is some discussion of "cease and desist letters":

    Anything like that....certified mail return receipt.

    It is borderline on the timeframe that it can be reported to the credit bureaus. If reported it could not stay on your report for long. That period is effectively 7.5 years from the date of first delinquency or last activity.

    If you want to burn some time off that clock, you could wait until you get a letter from the CA. Wait a week or two and then send them a debt validation letter. The above site has an example. You have 30 days from their first written contact to send that letter and they then have 30 days to validate the debt. Until they validate they have to cease collection efforts, which would include reporting the debt to the credit bureaus. If they bother to validate, which is doubtful, then you could fire off the cease and desist letter.

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