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    Default Pressing Charges for a False Police Report

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Canifornia. A police report was filed by a tenant of my friend accusing me of verbal threats and damage to my girlfriends property. My girlfriend is in the process of evicting this person and this person is retaliating in many different ways including the filing of a false police report and a TRO based on the report. The TRO was dismissed today because the petitioner did show up in court. I would like to followup by pressing charges against the petitioner for lying on the report and filing a false TRO, where the $350 fee was waived because of the fantastic story the petitioner told the judge. In other words, "I don't want her to get away with it". I read a response to a similar case which stated not to pursue and just move on. I understand the psychology and the reality of this approach and the money saved on attorney and court costs. Far too often, unfortunately, legitimate issues are not prosecuted because the such costs and they get away with it. With all this said, if I want to continue, is the first step retaining a lawyer or contacting the DA?

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    Default Re: Pressing Charges for a False Police Report

    Make a police report and see what happens.

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