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    Unhappy Lost Account. Now Asked to Go to More Difficult Work

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: California.

    I am a medical transcriptionist employed by a major corporation. My account left to go to Voice Recognition. I have been in Radiology since 2003. My job is having me transferred to Acute Care which is much more difficult and I am not certain I will be able to succeed as it has been several years since admission reports and 20 years since doing Operative Notes. Many lay offs are taking place in my industry as India absorbs our work for pennies. I am being told I am being led down a path of failure so my company will not have to pay unemployment insurance. I made 55 grand a year and with my new position, I will be lucky to make 25 grand as it is completeloy new territory and I will be paid by production.

    I wonder what to do in this situation? I feel backed up against the wall. Am 50 yrs. old. Breast cancer patient (May 2007) which means insurance will be an issue at next job. I need advice as to experience a significant drop in income will be devastating to me financially.

    Thank you kindly.


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    Default Re: Lost Account. Now Asked to Go to More Difficult Work

    This might help:

    Read this section:

    9. What if I quit because the company lowered my pay or reduced my hours?

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