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    Unhappy What About a Carlot Loaner with Fictitious Plates

    I bought my car from this car lot with a 6 month warranty, and about 4 months in the fuel pump went out. I had it towed to the car lot and rode in the tow truck. They said they would take care of it and gave me the keys to another car on their lot and said they'd call when mine was ready. 4 hours later, on my way home from the grocery store, I get pulled over. The cop says that the tag doesn't match up with the car, and then he runs my license and it comes back suspended. I had an old unpaid ticket that had a warrant and I had to go to jail. I had my Mom and kids with me (awful). We all stood around on the side of the road talking for a while, with me trying to explain that this wasn't my car at all. He still ended up ticketing me for fictitious plates and no insurance (I showed him the ins. for MY car to no avail). So all in all, I got taken to jail for the old warrant, and 3 tickets-driving on sus.,fict. tag, and no ins. But here's the thing...he had my mom drive the loaner car (with the fictitious plates) away from the scene, instead of towing it. I pled no contest to the DSL, but I'm fighting the other 2! Problem is-when I picked up my car the next day, they left it sitting in their lot with the keys in the floorboard...and closed. No, I mean CLOSED FOREVER!!! I never could get ahold of anyone to speak to let alone sign anything. HELP PLEASE

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    Default Re: What About a Carlot Loaner with Fictitious Plates

    If the car lot was closed up, and they left you with a busted car, you might have to hire an attorney to track them down to sue them ... good luck with that. Unless you bought a pricey car, I suspect the cost of the attorney will greatly exceed the cost of the car.

    You can likely prevail on the insurance and registration issue if you can show to the satisfaction of the court that the car is not yours and you were not responsible for it. But, I suspect you are toast with regards to the first car.

    - Carl
    Retired Cal Cop Sergeant & Teacher

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