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    i want to ask some questions
    well i am a student under the F1 visa studying here in the USA
    and actually i am not going to school
    and before coming here i did get married to a girl in my native country who own the lottery visa. we applied for the green card and i think i will receive the papers for the interviews soon.
    i want to know something
    is it possible for me to schedule the interview here in the USA or just go back to my country to do the interview?
    which one is the best approach?
    i am also planning on making my reinstatement to make my document legal so that i wont be out of status.
    but i am also afraid that my reinstatement will take long before i receive a new I20 and my interview will be schedule during the next coming month.
    what should i do?

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    Default Re: Green Card

    If you're not in school, you're not in status.

    Why are you not in school?

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    Before she is granted the GC, she needs 2 pass the interview and since you are under her wings now, you have to attend the interview with her. So, yeah it has to be in your home country. I don't think, you're being out of status is helping your case though!
    Anyway, good luck!

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