My question involves a child custody case from the State of: New Jersey

Hello all. My childs father has recently re-established visitation with my 3 year old daughter. We have plenty of issues such as domestic violence and threats towards me which led to me leaving him. He is very manipulative and always "playing games" with visitation. At this point we just went thru mediation and came to an agreement. The agreement includes that he is to email me (no phone calls bc of harassment) to confirm visits, as he has a history of not showing up for weeks, months, years at a time. Recently he has been ignoring all contact from me as well as not emailing me to talk about visits, even when I attempt to contact him to ask if he will be coming. If I dont hear from him I assume he is not coming due to his history. Recently he has been ignoring all my attempts at contact about visits and the whole time he was going to the police station (where we meet) and filing reports saying that Im just not showing up (I could have done this to him a million times!). He takes me to court every 3 months and he is now bringing me to court Again, I dont know what for exactly, but what should I do? I really am not denying him at all, but he is playing these games to try to make it look like it. Help...??