I have a problem to solve and am not sure where to begin...
I have a (close friend) I was under the impression he was just like anyone else, legal. Turns out that he is not. Appreantley his loving parents decided to leave him and his sister in Mexico and come to America to get a better life. Succeded and also had 5 more children. (thats just an issue I have with that).

Moreover, then he had to come here when he was 13, where he lived in L.a. and went to school and recvd a diploma (?) not sure how that happened. Nevertheless, when he turned 18, he and his ex-wife were married (also not sure how that happened) but they were married for over 10years. in between he obtained a green (work?) card. However he was not working for a while and did not have the money to pay some kind of fee when schedualed. I believe that his work card was then cancelled, but his wife and the rest of his legal family was here, so he did not leave but continued to use his social security # and id to work with no problems.

When we met he and his wife were already seperated for more than a year and he was just living with his parents. I thought that he was resolving his own divorce issues (as he is really a smart and sensitive man) and at the same time he was helping his parents out with the bills. Well after about a year of dating - he recieved his divorce papers (about 1 year ago) and we became more serious.

Yes in between his family and him did warn me of the immegration issues. However I thought it was less complicated. Now we want to marry, but I do not want to make him marry me for fear of deportation. I would like it to be a legit choice on his behalf. And he does say it is. we are really in love.

So I need to know how to sort this out. Is there a way to reinstate his Work card or go thru some kind of citizenship process prior to marriage. As the divorce was not long ago, and he had a work card but defaulted on some kind of payment. Sorry this question was so long.