My question involves paternity law for the State of: California.

A brief encounter with my female friend in between the breakup and return of her boy friend and alleged father of the baby in question. After the second break up the next boy friend was Asian (baby looks caucasion). The mother and alleged father both have blue eyes as did the baby the first year but now has brown eys. The baby's grandmother had brown eyes so it wasn't questioned as being mine so much.

There was always a possibility but she swore there wasn't, thinking one time wasn't enough and once the baby was born there was no question in her mind. Allthough I knew better.

She forced a paternaty test on the alleged father which allegedly is negative. She is afraid of testing me because I make close to a triple digit salary while she is on public assistance. Both parents, grand parents and relatives have been arrested for drugs. Step father is alcoholic, etc. Yes they did live in a trailer at one time when she was little.

Here are the issues:

Child is only a few months away from turning two years old. Since CA law is completley ludicris any 100% biased if I do not contest before the childs 2nd birthday I am (censored) whether she is mine or not.

The mother lied and was under age at the time of conception. I was older then the allowed three year difference tha CA allows. So by taking negative tests results and contesting bore the childs 2nd birthday I can incriminate myself!

The mother being afraid of lossing custidy living on public assistance, having no money and no education as well as having a known drug addict family is too afraid of challenging me as far as I know. She could be waiting untill the child is over two years of age if that is what public welfare told her if she confided in them with myself being anonomous. She herself has never been arrested.

Do I do an unofficial anonomouse DNA test with the child and myself only whithout her knowlege?

Do I do a more accurate unofficial DNA test with all three involved?

I have always helped her with money and anything she needed. Chlothed and fed the baby as if it was my own. From reading CA law I will be completely raped financially by the state if paternanty is established to be true and we are not together. Damned if I do test and damned if I don't!

What are the statue of limitations of these situations? I have only a few months to contest. She has forever to allege myself as the father (that's pretty one cited). Can the state prosecute statatory conception with a minor? Not knowing and her lying about her age could be considered insignificant which incriminates me.