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    Default Suing Over Slanderous Statements Made To My Co-Workers

    A women who I have had problems with in the past, called all my co workers together and told them that I stole money that had been collected for a co-workers child, (co-worker was killed). The money is safe in an account, and there are 3 of us in charge of it, but she went after me, as she didn't realize the other women where also involved. She even tried to get me arrested for "stealing" the money and the state police told her there was nothing they could do, she would have to hire a lawyer and try to sue me civilally. Do I have a case for Libel and Slander?
    I am sick of being harraseed by this women and really don't care if I get any money, but would like to see her publicly humiliated.

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    Default Defamation by a Co-Worker

    You can consult a local lawyer about the possibility of bringing a defamation action. You probably do have a viable claim.

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