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    Arrow Terminating Absent Fathers Rights and Name Change

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: Florida
    I am a young mother who lives paycheck to paycheck taking care of my 6 month old daughter. Her father has not been in her life since her birth. He was there at the delivery and demanded to be put on her birth certificate. Since then he has been convicted of a felony, violated his probation, and broken out of rehab. He does not have contact with her or me. I want to change her last name to my own, and see what I can do about terminating his rights. I do not want to give the fatherly rights to anyone else, I just am in fear that he will show up and try to take her. He is an unfit parent he does not pay any type of child support.

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    Default Re: Terminating Absent Fathers Rights and Name Change

    It's exceptionally unlikely that a court will have any interest in terminating dad's rights unless somebody is there to step into the role of father.

    If you want to change the child's name, you bring a petition in court and prove that the name change is in the child's best interest. If you don't yet have a custody, visitation and support order, it's wise to get one now. If dad's a basket case, ask the court to suspend visitation or to allow only supervised visitation; then let dad worry about getting more visits if and when he decides to try.

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