Just seeing what others think....

Situation is dad and I (stepmom) have joint custody of his child with physcial custody and mom has joint and visits 1x a week and every other weekend.

Mom doesn't have a car.

When mom is supposed to pick up from our house for her weekend (normall picks up from school but there is no school some fridays), do I let the child go with someone else? She has been sending random people over with the child to drop off, but I don't feel right letting the child go with these other people.

Also- mom went behind our backs and added someone's name to child's pick up daycare list, and they picked child up this week. Everything with daycare is in our names, not sure how this happened without our knowing. What about this? Does mom have right to say whomever can pick the child up from daycare? Daycare was kind of like "oh sorry".