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    Default Payment Issue for Online Contract Work


    I am from India and my question is that i have been working for a company that is only online and I have worked for them for the past 3 months and completed about $3500 of work. The work is not shown anywhere and i do not believe they used my work at all.

    i have not recieved payment and i am unable to get in touch with them at all, except having been told by a collegue that the guy i was working for had been fired.

    What are my options. What can i do. THe company is in Canada and i am in India.

    Can i get my money
    Please help me.

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    Default Re: Payment Issue for Online Contract Work

    This is primarily a US forum. The laws in the US are quite different from those of both Canada and India. I don't think we have any responders with knowledge of Canadian or Indian laws.

    Just letting you know why you may not receive any responses.

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