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    Default Does Employee Have to Pay for Required Class

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: MA

    After a dispute between two employees, one of the employees was told by the employer that he would be required to take anger management classes. At the first class, the employee was told that the several hundred dollar fee would not be covered by insurance. The employer has taken the position that the fee is the responsibility of the employee.

    Given that the class was required by only one of the two employees involved; is apparently a requirement for continued employment; and the fee represents a financial burden for the affected employee - is there case law or other satisfactory precedent that would indicate that the employee cannot be forced to pay for classes demanded by the employer.

    There is no employment contract in place. Attendance at any type of class as a condition of employment has never been presented or discussed previously in 10+ years of employment at this company. Prior to this incident the affected employee had an exemplary employment record.

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    Default Re: Does Employee Have to Pay for Required Class

    I'm not aware of any.

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