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    Default 17 Yr Old Pregnant Teen Lives in Tennessee

    My question involves marriage law for the State of: Tennesse & Kentucky

    So I am 17 and pregnant and me and my boyfriend (18) want to get married. My parents are not wanting to sign for me to get married, but we live 5 min from the Kentucky border. Can we get married in another state were the laws are different from Tennessee?

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    Default Re: 17 Yr Old Pregnant Teen Lives in Tennessee

    No, you cannot. Either get your parents' approval, or wait until you are 18.

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    Default Re: 17 Yr Old Pregnant Teen Lives in Tennessee

    Agreed. There is NO state where you can marry underage, pregnant or not, without the consent of your parents, a judge or both. And I can promise you that no judge is going to approve the marriage of an out-of-state, underage teenager against her parents wishes.

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