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    Default Medi-Cal Wrongfully Denied to Pregnant Woman

    My question involves public health law in the State of: California

    I tried applying for MediCal (basic medical insurance paid for by the state of California) on 2/19/2009, shortly after my husband and I were both laid off work.

    My case worker denied me of MediCal for grossly irrelevant reasons (such as having to apply for unemployment in my previous state of Illinois, which has nothing to do with MediCal) - to make things worse, I am 5 months pregnant and without basic medical insurance because of their decision. I am a United States citizen and resident to the state of California.

    Today, 3/23/09 I received a phone call from the Quality Assurance department of the County stating that my claim was denied erroneously - I should have been approved immediately due to the fact that I am pregnant.

    I knew the social services office was wrong in denying me - furthermore, they caused me a lot of mental and emotional stress because I feel that my unborn baby is being put at risk. I would like to know what type of lawyer/attorney I should contact if I would like to file a lawsuit against a social service agency?

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind Regards,
    Deena Malik

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    Default Re: Medi-Cal Wrongfully Denied to Pregnant Woman

    You have suffered no financial injury? Then you shouldn't expect a lawyer to be interested in this case. Sorry.

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