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    Default Where Can I Find a Blank Legal Emancipation Document

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of Louisiana.

    Where can I find a blank legal document on the internet that would provide all the information (fill in the blank, possibly) the Louisiana court system would need to get the "ball rolling" on the emancipation process? The petitioner of the document would be filing for emancipation without parental consent and therefore would not be able to provide parental signatures.

    If there is no such document available what information would be needed to make a legal document and what, if any, legal documents would need to be included?

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    Default Re: Where Can I Find a Blank Legal Emancipation Document

    Google is your friend.

    If you can't find a document, you can read the governing statutes and court rules and draft one that is consistent with both. You can also try asking a court clerk, very nicely, if they can help you find a petition from a prior case that you might be able to use as a model. You can also check the books available in the County law library (or perhaps an area law school library) to see if any of them contain a sample form you could use.

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