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    Default First MIP for 17 Year Old in Michigan

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Michigan
    MIP issued in: Delta County
    Resident of: Menominee County

    Last night I was pulled over for failing to completely stop at a stop sign. It was the first time I had ever been pulled over, and I was quite nervous. I did have a case and a half of beer in my back seat, covered by some jeans and other clothes. I was NOT drinking any beer, nor had I been, and there was not even one open beer in the car. All of the beer was in the cases in the backseat. My ex-girlfriend was with me, and I was on the my way to drop her off at her car so she could go home. The officer asked for my license and registration, and I noticed him looking in my back seat while I was getting the registration. and he then asked me to get out of the car. I got out and followed him to the rear of my car (front of his squad car), and the conversation went like this:
    Officer - "You seem pretty nervous, whats going on?"
    Me - "Its the first time I've been pulled over."
    Officer - "I see. Do you have anything illegal such as drugs in the car?" (At this point I hear the drug dog in his squad car barking)
    "As you can hear, I do have the drug dog with me tonight."
    Me - "No drugs. I do have some alcohol in the back seat."
    Officer - "How much?"
    Me - "Half a 12 pack and a 24 pack"
    Officer - "Doing some heavy partying tonight, aren't we?"
    Me - "Actually, I'm not much of a drinker." (I really am not)
    Officer - "Ok, is that what is on the floor covered up?"
    Me - "Yes, do you want me to dump it out or anything?"
    Officer - "Just get it and give it to me for now"

    I got it out of the back seat and gave it to him, and as he started walking towards his car, he told me to get back in my car. I waited for the couple longest minutes of my life and he came back, and asked me to get out of the car again. We walked back to the same spot in the rear of my car, front of his car, and he started:
    "First, here's this." (Gave me back my license and registration) "And here's this". (Handed me the ticket) "I'm going to just give you a warning on the stop sign"
    Me - "Thank you."
    Officer - "But I did give you an MIP"
    Me - "OK"
    Officer - "Who's the girl in the car?"
    Me - "My friend"
    Officer - "Whats her name?"
    Me - "Jane" (name changed, obviously)
    Officer - "Whats her last name?"
    Me - "Doe" (again, changed)
    Officer - "Does she have any drugs on her?"
    Me - "No, she doesn't"
    Officer - "Are you sure you have no drugs in the car?"
    Me - "Yes, there is nothing, you can search it if you want." (gestured towards my car)
    Officer - "Alright, go ahead, take care of that within 10 days." (pointed to ticket)
    Me (extended my hand to shake his, as we are shaking hands) - "Thank you"
    Officer - "Yep."
    Me - "Have a good night"
    Officer - "You too." (walked towards his car)

    My question is, was it right for him to give me an MIP, even though I wasn't drinking any, none of it was open in the car, and I was not given any sort of breathalyzer or sobriety test? I would have thought transporting alcohol should have been a better ticketing reason, no? I was very cooperative, honest and polite with the officer, and I am a straight "A" senior in high school, taking a college class, I'm president of the senior class, golf team captain, and I'm going to college in the fall. This is my first offense of any kind, and like I said, first time I was even pulled over. Any takes on this, thoughts on what kind of punishment I might get, was the ticket valid, etc? Thanks

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    Default Re: First MIP for 17 Year Old in Michigan

    My question is, was it right for him to give me an MIP, even though I wasn't drinking any, none of it was open in the car, and I was not given any sort of breathalyzer or sobriety test?
    You don't need to be given sobriety tests or a breathalyzer, don't have to be drinking, and for an MIP - it's Minor In Possession, and you were very much in possession.
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    Default Re: First MIP for 17 Year Old in Michigan

    Thanks for the reply. I went to the courthouse today, and I received a $160 fine, I have to attend an MIP seminar (must pay $30 to cover seminar materials), and have to hand write a 5 page paper on MIP law (if I think it is too lenient, to strict, what I would like to see changed, etc.). I am also on probation for 6 months, but I do not have to check in with a probation officer. The officer will just check my record, and as long as I don't have anything on my record, they will not need to contact me. After the 6 months, the MIP is being taken off of my record, and only being kept for private records. I pleaded guilty and choose the deferral (I think that is what it is called) program.

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    Default Re: First MIP for 17 Year Old in Michigan

    Im sorry if it's a dumb question, but is MIP the same as under age possession of alchol? Was anything on your record before? I'm in the same situation, but I am 18.

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