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    Smile What's an I-89 Form

    I have a question about the I-89 application:

    My wife is an American Citizen ,I've been in the process of adj of status since 1998 , I-130 aproved (I-181 pending) about 2 years ago I started receiving letters from Uscis and updates ( I ve been calling several times until I had the first answer.

    In May 2008 I went to the appotintment to complete the new biometrics.
    In Sept 2008 I made an apllication for employment authotization card.(I-765)
    I have received the card Feb 20th 2009 .
    Today I received a service request , and Uscis indicates I have to request an Infopass to complete the application I-89 and I have to get 2 passport pictures.

    Could you tell me what's the meaning of this application , and if this is a normal process for the finalization of a case , or USCIS may request more information?

    Thank you !!

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    Default Re: Application I-89

    That sounds like good news. The I-89 form is completed by a USCIS officer, and is the formal request to the Service Center to issue your Green Card. (It's not a form you either obtain or complete yourself.)

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