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    Default Recovering Art that is Stolen or Not Returned

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Florida, Miami-Dade County.

    I have a question regarding Statute of Limitation for stolen art. My friend was taking photo classes and had access to a lab. I had negative from a previous trip I took, with her, and I wanted contact sheets. She offered to do me the favor and I handed over the negatives to her. This was July/August of 2008. Since then I've tried every means of communication to try and get in contact with her but to no avail. About two months ago I ran in to a mutual friend of ours and she brought us face to face to try and resolve the issue. I was promised the negatives within two days but no negatives.
    I'm a artist/photographer, beit unknown, I'm good at what I do. I had a chance to take legal action against her but she was living here illegally and decided against it, I think she's gotten her green card and I want to go all out. Has the statute of limitation passed on stolen property/art? And where do I start to file charges? Do I go to the police or do I need a lawyer? I need good advice!

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    Default Re: Recovering Art that is Stolen or Not Returned

    You can sue her in small claims court; what are the negatives worth?

    I have no idea if the police will have any interest in pursuing this, given that based upon what you've said there is no actual evidence of intent to steal and you've waited a long time to act, but you won't know unless you ask.

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