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    Default Passport Picture Posted on Facebook

    Hi, just recently two students from my college decided to post a clear picture of my Canadian passport revealing all of my personal information including my passport number, date of birth, personal signature, etc. The pic was taken against my will using a cellphone and has been sent to other students and posted online for everyone to see without my own personal consent. I have reported this pic for removal to facebook and I have tried contacting the students to remove the picture as I feel that I have been put in danger as a victim of identity theft and fraud. Still as of now, a picture of my passport is feature as a profile pic in one of the students facebook page.
    Although some (but not all) of the pictures have been removed, I was wondering if I can press charges against all the students who have conspired to make my personal information public without my consent. I have gathered screencap pictures proving that my pic has been featured in each of their facebook page and the comments showing that others were planning on making my passport picture even more public.
    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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    You can't sue for what might happen, only for what has happened.

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    Contact abuse at facebook and probably whatever the government agency that issues passports in canada, also.

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