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    Default Attorney can represent absent client in court?

    My court date 03/25/06 But I may have to go to see my family on other state may be more than 2-months. I checked with attorney.He told me:He will rep. me on the day i have tobe appear on the court. He also told me I can left about couple of months. *That is can be? I am so worries, Cause this is my 1st time do the stupit thing with stuffs $35 dollar at Home Depot. Forsure I will never be like that again. Please give me advide, Thanks alot.

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    Default Attorney Appearing Without Client

    It depends upon the type of hearing, and perhaps also on state law and court procedure.

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    Default Attorney rep clinet on court!

    Aaron! Thanks you for the response. I am in California.

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    Yes, if it is a misdemeanor, your attorney could appear in court on your behalf.

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