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    Default Legalities of Compiling in Aggregate

    I'm in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

    Before posting this message, I did various searches but, maybe because of my choice of words, I couldn't find anything to assist with my question.

    So, (Q1) if I wished to go through all my different local newspapers, and compile say for example the broadcast-industry-managerial job listings in each of them into one big aggregate listing, and then publish that - could I do so without fear of prosecution?

    Or, (Q2) if I telephoned/emailed each company that had placed an ad, and asked them for their permission to publish the details of their job vacancy, would that be OK if they said yes?

    (Q3) Does this question have any similarities with the 1980s case against the Trivial Pursuit inventors, who were taken to court because they had copied questions from an exisiting book of trivia - but they won because they had used MULTIPLE sources for questions (many books, not just one), and it was classed as research, not plagiarism.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.


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    Default Job Listing Service

    Before you start relying upon somebody else's material to form a job listing service, it makes sense to actually consult a business lawyer about your plan.

    If you are planning to go through actual physical newspapers to create your listings, you are on better footing than if you want to run a script to pull that information from their websites. But if contacting employers about running their ads is a realistic option, why not set things up such that the employers submit their listings to you?

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