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    Question Internet Provider: Help with Bill Pay

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Texas

    I signed up online for verizon FIOS(internet service) last year (June 2008). I got an email from them about when the technician is scheduled for setup. That so far has been the only email from them on my account. Whenever I have called customer support asking about my bill, they are unable to pull up any information about my bills so far other than my account number. I get re-routed to different departments but the end result is that the issue does not get resolved. I have also emailed them saying I would like to register for viewing my bill online(as I was told by customer service that my account can only have online statements) and gave my account number from their website. A representative asked me to call back as they needed further information. I called customer service again multiple times but was put on hold. So i emailed back saying I am unable to talk to anyone to resolve my issue and gave my number and asked them to call back. They emailed back and said that they will intimate me once the issue is resolved. As of today, I still cannot view/access my bill. Also, I dont think am paying as I checked my credit card statements and I see no withdrawals from verizon(assuming i signed for automatic bill pay..which, since it is been a while, i am not sure).

    My question is the following: I am willing to pay all the amount due. What is the best way to resolve this issue so i do not pay any additional fees other than the internet service charges. Also, once they figure out the issue, will this adversely affect my credit score?

    I really appreciate any inputs you can provide me.

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    Default Re: Internet Provider: Help with Bill Pay

    Save all of your communications with them and keep a log of any phone conversations you have with Verizon (date/time, whom you spoke with, their operator number or full name, and an overview of what the conversation was about.) Send their customer department a certified/return receipt letter stating your account number and the issues you've had regarding your bill. Include (briefly) the conversations you have logged and the emails (stating again date/time/whom you spoke with) and ask for a response & resolve within the 30 days or you will cancel their service. Also state that if there is any negative impact to your credit report due to their errors, you will dispute it and take file in small claims court in order to resolve this matter if necessary.

    I just went through the same thing with another provider; took me 3 months but their final letter to me was apologizing for the inconvenience and the issue has been corrected.

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